The Problem


Payor contract complexity and ever-changing regulatory, reimbursement, and technology requirements lead to even the most sophisticated healthcare providers not collecting the full amounts due from payors.



The Solution

The proprietary Lift On Collections (LOC™) Solution identifies, quantifies and pursues uncollected balances from payors with no disruption of your current RCM, processes, or people.

We understand what is required to optimize collections from insurance payors, how to meet those requirements and what it takes to collect what is due.

"As a healthcare provider or facility, if you receive reimbursement from third-party payors you are not collecting all that is due to you for your services."

Lift on LOC

The ALLYNE No-Risk Approach

  • The proprietary ALLYNE Lost Income From Transactions (LIFT™) Analysis identifies and quantifies additional collections available on claims that have already been processed in your current RCM system.

  • With the ALLYNE gain-share model, we invest our time, resources, and market knowledge up front at no cost to the Client.

  • We leverage the results of the LIFT™ Analysis to pursue uncollected amounts due from payors, not patients.

  • We don't get paid until new collections are realized.

Getting started is painless. Contact us for your LIFT™ Analysis and see how we can improve your collections.