Getting Paid is Challenging.

Payor contract complexity and ever-changing regulatory, reimbursement and technology requirements lead even the most sophisticated Healthcare Providers to write off revenue that could be collected.

ALLYNE Health optimizes your collections from insurance payors, increasing bottom-line results. Our subject matter expertise, proprietary technology solutions and the most up-to-date market intelligence position us to execute on proven strategies to drive significant collection improvement. 



"Revenue reductions are the norm post-EHR implementation, but collections never recover and continue to be significantly below pre-EHR levels" - Carl R. Noback, M.D.


Have You:

Experienced a Decline in your monthly collected revenues?
Received $0 EOBs for the same procedures and codes you have used for years?
Received notification of a prepayment audit with any of your insurance payors?

We can help, and getting started is easy.

Optimizing Collections for All Providers.

Our services help independent physicians, practice, surgery centers and hospitals of every size optimize their Revenue Cycle Management results.

Increase Revenue.
Dynamic Reporting.
Market Intelligence.

Lift on Collections (LOC™) Solution

Identifying, Quantifying, and Collection on Uncollected Accounts

  • No change to RCM, People or Processes
  • Lost Income From Transaction (LIFT™) Analysis
  • Exclusive Focus on Payor collections
  • No-risk, gain-share fee structure

Increasing Healthcare Providers' net profits without changing their RCM process or pursuing patients


Our proprietary Lost Income From Transactions analysis provides prospective clients a detailed, fact-based estimation on the amounts of revenue that the business has either under collected or left uncollected for whatever the reason may be. This includes a review of both payor and patient collections and amounts outstanding. All of the data is consolidated into an easily understood format utilizing the latest business intelligence software available.

MTD Checkup.PNG

Unparalleled Market Intelligence

Our detailed, cloud-based reporting software provides a level of clarity and transparency generally unavailable to the practice managers and owners. Easy to digest, real-time reports provide owners and managers a high level of assurance that we are working extremely hard to maximize collections on their behalf. Further, predictive technology enables owners to more definitively anticipate collections for further investment in their practices.


Scalable Technology

Our industry-leading technologically-based solution uses the latest technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, data visualization, and predictive algorithms to process claims efficiently and anticipate changes in reimbursement patterns from Payors. We then adapt procedures, coding, and submission in real-time to ensure we are maximizing the reimbursement on each service provided.



We intentionally built our revenue cycle management team from a variety of backgrounds including public accounting, healthcare billing collections, medical coding, and technology. It is through this combination of talent and experience that we are able to create market-disrupting solutions to drive exceptional Returns on Investment to our partners.

Our Process

Step 1:

Complete the initial questionnaire at the bottom of this webpage. The form will ask for very high-level practice information to ensure we connect you with the right person on our team and waste no time in understanding your business and getting started.

Step 2:

Our team will follow-up with you within 2 business days to collect additional practice details regarding your practice, build a custom set of reports showing the immediate improvements we have identified, and establish next steps. 

Kristeen Coronado

With a strong accounting background, Kristeen has administered practices and revenue cycle management for over twenty-nine years.

Jean-Marc Pruit


Jean-Marc has over ten years of revenue cycle management experience, specifically in accounts receivable and leveraging technology to maximize results.

Kyleen Wissell

Kyleen has led multimillion-dollar transformation initiatives at the Coca-Cola Company, and always seeks to leverage business intelligence to develop insights and monitor KPIs.

Blake Whitney

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Blake is an experienced executive and investor in the healthcare sector, bringing both entrepreneurial excitement and big company know-how to the ALLYNE Revenue Cycle Management.





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