Practices interested in an ALLYNE Health investment should review this section carefully. We've divided it into the four sequential sections that represent how you will progress through our investment process:



Our team works with partners to evaluate their practice as a cohesive whole with a focus on defining the opportunity, identifying operational strengths and weaknesses and assessing capital structure & funding needs. We help partners look at their business with fresh eyes and identify ways to leverage the existing resources and begin to formulate a plan to maximize value moving forward.



Using the key financial drivers of the practice as the cornerstone, our team works with clients to build a strategic, operational and capitalization plan that is credible, fundable and executable. We help partners ask the right questions and prioritize activities so effort efficiently translates into value.



If the Owner and the ALLYNE Health Team determine the company should be considered for investment, the company will be invited to present to the extended ALLYNE Health Investment Team.



Based on the presentation, if the practice owner is selected to continue, ALLYNE Health conducts due diligence on the practice and makes an offer to lead an investment round. If the offer is accepted, we work with the practice to close the transaction. At this point, ALLYNE Health and the practice owner continue their ongoing partnership to maximize shareholder value.