Healthcare Billing Revolutionized

Decrease denials.

Reduce days in A/R.

Increase collections.

Improve business processes.


ALLYNE Revenue Cycle Management is your full-scale revenue cycle management team. We deliver customized solutions based on local and national codes that meet the unique needs of your practice.

Our physician liaisons are not glorified bill collectors. They are caring, highly-trained professionals who work tirelessly working to maximize your business revenue.

Get Back to Providing Quality Health Care

"Revenue reductions are the norm post-EHR implementation, but collections never recover and continue to be significantly below pre-EHR levels."

Why ALLYNE Revenue Cycle Management?


Our industry-leading technologically-based solution uses the latest technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, data visualization, and predictive algorithms to process claims efficiently and anticipate changes in reimbursement patterns from Payors. We then adapt procedures, coding, and submission in real-time to ensure we are maximizing the reimbursement on each service provided.


Our detailed, cloud-based reporting software provides a level of clarity and transparency generally unavailable to the practice managers and owners. Easy-to-digest, real-time reports provide owners and managers a high level of assurance that we are working extremely hard to maximize collections on their behalf. Further, predictive technology enables owners to more definitively anticipate collections for further investment in their practices.


We intentionally built our revenue cycle management team from a variety of backgrounds including public accounting, healthcare billing collections, medical coding, and technology. It is through this combination of talent and experience that we are able to create market-disrupting solutions to drive exceptional Returns on Investment to our partners.

Our Process

Step 1:

Complete the initial questionnaire found at the link below. The form will ask for very high-level practice information to ensure we connect you with the right person on our team and waste no time in understanding your business and getting started.

Step 2:

Our team will follow-up with you within 2 business days to collect additional practice details regarding your practice, build a custom set of reports showing the immediate improvements we have identified, and establish next steps. 


Getting Paid is Challenging.

Payor contract complexity and ever-changing regulatory, reimbursement and technology requirements lead even the most sophisticated Healthcare Providers to write off revenue that could be collected.

ALLYNE Health optimizes your collections from insurance payors, increasing bottom-line results. Our subject matter expertise, proprietary technology solutions and the most up-to-date market intelligence position us to execute on proven strategies to drive significant collection improvement. 

Why ALLYNE Denials Management?

Lost Income From Transactions™

Our proprietary Lost Income From Transactions analysis provides prospective clients a detailed, fact-based estimation on the amounts of revenue that the business has either under collected or left uncollected. All of the data is consolidated into an easily understood format utilizing the latest business intelligence software available.

Lift On Collections™ Process

Leveraging the LIFT™ Analysis, we identify, quantify, and collect previously uncollected amounts. These amounts arise from multiple places, including unbilled claims, inaccurate coding, insufficient submission, and insufficient follow-up. This process is exclusively focused on the Payors, not the patients, a novel approach and key differentiator for ALLYNE.

RIsk Free, Pay for Performance

We offer these services in a no-risk, gain-sharing model so we are only paid when uncollected or under-collected billings are collected. There is no disruption in existing systems, processes, or employees to implement this situation. 

Our Process to Get Started

Step 1:

Complete the initial questionnaire found by clicking the link below. The form will ask for very high-level practice information to ensure we connect you with the right person on our team. We will waste no time in understanding your business and getting started.

Step 2:

Our team will follow-up with you within 2 business days to collect additional practice details regarding your practice, build a custom set of reports showing the immediate improvements we have identified, and establish next steps. 


Turnkey Anesthesia Services Available


Our ambulatory anesthesia services are designed for today’s highly efficient surgical centers and procedure suites that desire the benefits driven from a dedicated and exclusive anesthesia care team, looking to improve both physician and patient satisfaction. Complete peri-operative care is integral to our success.


Efficient and accurate Revenue Cycle Management is critical to the success of any clinical care delivery model. Maximizing return while being sensitive to the impact on patients is an art form that we have mastered. Professional relationships with key Payors further accelerate the collection cycle.

Let us worry about everything anesthesia-related including supply and equipment purchasing, policy and procedure manuals, quality assurance and recruitment. Request more information at or contact us at


Many hospital based anesthesia service programs are subsidized- sometimes heavily. Our efficiencies allow us to reduce and possibly eliminate subsidies in most situations. Reducing the burden of providing anesthesia services on a facility through reducing spend on supplies and equipment, enhancing operational efficiencies, and increasing revenue is a proven formula for success.


Each solution is designed specifically for a particular site or service. There is no single across-the-board solution. Our experience allows a rapid analysis of each situation and an equally rapid calculation of the impact of our engagement.

Safe outcomes, the utmost quality of care, expansion of services, experienced leadership, and improved operating room performance goals are all addressed during our “open book” proposal process. We offer exclusive patent pending Programs to qualified practices.

ALLYNE Management is engaged with in portfolio and client businesses with the goal being to maximize both income statement and balance sheet improvement

ALLYNE Management is an integral part of the overall firm’s approach to value creation. ALLYNE Management’s core mission is to create value for all of our stakeholders by identifying and delivering sustainable operational performance within ALLYNE Health portfolio and client companies and practices. In support of this mission, ALLYNE Management value creation activities are focused on three fundamental areas:

  • Assessing operational improvement opportunities and risks during the due diligence process
  • Delivering meaningful and sustainable operational change within the portfolio companies
  • Leveraging the scale and scope of the ALLYNE Health platform to develop cross-portfolio programs that can benefit all investment

We take a “hands-on, sleeves rolled up” approach very early in, and throughout, the life cycle of the client

  • Identify operational value creation opportunities during the diligence process leveraging the scope and efficiencies available throughout the ALLYNE platform to improve financial results
  • Develop a 100-day value creation plan, focused on the opportunities identified during diligence for each client
  • Quickly work to implement and execute the identified opportunities in coordination with existing Executives, Board Members and Business Owners

We are compensated on results, not effort, and are therefore incentivized to develop long-term, value-creating, sustainable solutions with our clients.


Services Available

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, and record keeping
  • Billing and Collections
  • GAAP Financial Reporting
  • Treasury and Cash Management
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounting Controls and Procedures
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Plans and Benefits
  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax Filing and Compliance
  • Temporary Staffing and Employee Leasing
  • Physician Recruitment and Retention
  • Continuing Education
  • Legal Access and Assistance
  • EMR Assistance
  • M&A Advisory and Change of Control Transactions
  • Website Design
  • Internet Brand Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Investment and Wealth Management Programs

We continually prospect, vet, negotiate, and contract with best-of-breed service and ancillary providers to improve revenue and collections within our portfolio and client relationships.

All relationships we engage with must follow the following core tenets:

  • Material, positive impact on all of our clients and portfolio companies
  • Recurring, additional revenue for all of the stakeholders involved
  • Minimally disruptive to the existing operations
  • Sustainable solutions that will not diminish with foreseeable regulation changes